Summary in English

The aciSI program is aimed at understanding, defining and guaranteeing security and dependability at the system level, where "security and dependability" are defined in a broad, multidisciplinary way, including, for example: security of e-commerce, protection of data, people and goods, reliability of software, communication protocols and real-time control systems. The fact that many systems are distributed, open, mobile, ubiquitous... renders the problems more complex and the solutions correspondingly more difficult to find.

In this context, security and dependability relate to systems, software, global architectures, hardware components, wired and wireless networks, terminal equipment, data storage media, etc.

The objective of the program is to stimulate research on the whole spectrum of computer system security and dependability, including numerous disciplines: components, surveillance, diagnosis, formal proof, verification, testing, fault-tolerance, cryptography, watermarking, ciphering, identification, authentication, certification, statistical methods, signal processing, engineering methods, legal and ethical aspects, etc.

The program is intended to stimulate collaborative research on advanced topics, rather than to complement existing research programs. The express aim of the program is to reinforce the position of France in this area. While only French teams may apply for funding under the aciSI program, international cooperation is encouraged.